Vector VS Rastor Graphics

Vector graphics are mathematically based shapes and lines, objects and fills. They are typically generated with illustration or drawing software like Adobe Illustrator or Freehand. One of the greatest advantages of using vector images is that they are very easy to scale and retain a sharp clear quality. For example if a small logo is created as a vector graphic, it can be resized to be used on a large billboard and retain the same great sharp quality as it the original. I would recommend creating vector graphics for logos, symbols, graphs and charts in books, promotional posters and illustrations. Any occasion where the end result needs to have clean and clear distinct shapes vector is the best choice. Vector graphics also tend to be much smaller than vector graphics since the images are based on mathematical descriptions instead of pixels.

Raster images are composed of pixels or squares of colors. They are created with scanners, digital cameras or raster based software like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks. Since raster graphics are based on pixels, attempting to increase the size of a vector graphic can cause some issues where the image will loose detail and clarity. However, raster images can be reduced in size and maintain quality. Since raster graphics are pixel based they also have issues with resolution where vector images do not. Web graphics for example have a resolution of 72-96 dpi. Printed images need from 200-300dpi. Raster images are known for being very large if they have a great amount of detail and pixels. Many adjustments and effects can easily be added to raster graphics like drop shadows, blurs, bevels and more. While converting from vector to raster is quite easy, converting from raster to vector is not. Raster files are mostly photographs since it offers a wide range of effects, manipulations, and adjustments. to this type of file. When working on photographs, creating textures and subtle digital effects raster is the way to go.

AIO Lecture: Week 4

Some examples of vector art from my website see the links below
1. This vector graphic works well as it is crisp and clean at any size. I also like how it is stylized and simplified, but still has a refreshing essence.
2. This is a vector layout for a magazine. The graphic of the motorcycle is a stylized illustration. This is great as the graphic can be reproduced for other media and keep consistency with branding. For example if this graphic was going to be used on a billboard it would retain the sharp crisp quality.
3. This is a page that contains all vector graphic logos. I try to create all logos as vector graphics so they can be easily resized for any application.

1. Here are some book covers I created for a client while I worked as an Art Director. These book covers were created in Photoshop software ad used in some cased up to 50 images to create the montage. The covers have many filters and effects and layer styles applied to the photos. To keep the quality of the cover for the final printing these graphics were created as raster art. 
2. The same client I used to do book covers for now has a demand for cd covers. He wants a wild colorful design. I use Photoshop raster art to accomplish what he is looking for. See samples of his covers on this website.

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