Stock VS Origional Artwork?

Would you prefer to use stock photos/illustrations for your work or would like to create original ones? Why would you do so?

At this point, if the project has the budget for stock photography and I can find images that will work well in the design, I prefer to use that resource. While at the same time I always am concerned about the copyright rules that go along with stock photography. Making sure to read the fine print, or use the photo as an element and create a new piece from the resource seems to always be a haunting issue. I also agree that there are great advantages to staging my own photography or creating an exact piece to meet the needs of a project.

Currently the major factor in going to stock photography is I don’t have the equipment or experience to capture what a professional photographer can. Hopefully this will change over the next few years. At the same time there has been times when I need an exact image that and I would create it myself.

To conclude yes I would prefer to use stock photography for its professional look and convenience, but at the same time for certain projects I prefer to create my own imagery to get the exact image I need or to avoid the conditions of purchased art.

AIO Lecture Week 3

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