Got Legs?

What current marketing and advertising campaigns, other than ones presented in this lesson, have "legs"?

A great campaign that was used back in the 50’s that is still referenced today is for Marlboro cigarettes. The Marlboro Man, marketing campaign that was put together by Leo Burnett Co. created rough and rugged imagery of the cowboy surviving in the range with a cigarette. The campaign was used from 1954 all the way to 1999. Kathleen Schalch details how the target market related to the campaign in her report on National Public Radio. She explains, "In a world that was becoming increasingly complex and frustrating for the ordinary man, the cowboy represented an antithesis -- a man whose environment was simplistic and relatively pressure free. He was his own man in a world he owned" (Schalch, 2002). Although the campaign was very masculine, the strapping, rugged Marlboro Man is still a well-known icon for this product today.

Schalch, Kathleen, “The Marlboro Man”
October 21, 2002. Web November 3, 2009.

AIO Lecture Week 5

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