PROs & CONs of a Grid

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using grids. Should they be used at all?

Of course grids should be used. They create structure and consistency in design. While they do create rules, rules can be broken. Who is the designer anyway? Subdividing or modifying the grid could also be a useful solution if the structure of a grid seems to interfere with the flow of the design. In the end a grid is not much more than are a guide, a direction, a way to establish consistency and in a timely manor. It is a perfect tool to help utilized the design space. They are a great way to create structure and harmony in a design.

In some situations if the grid is blocking a creative concept, of course, throw it out! There have been times that I have been so excited about a concept I dive right in and put the concept down. A great example of this is when I am working on logos and even websites. I know in the end in web development a grid is key, but when trying to design and break out of the uniform expected structure, working through concepts without a grid can be very beneficial.

Another personal example of how a grid can be a disadvantage is I currently work with one client who likes all his designs very loose and unstructured. In fact when I started working with him, I had to make lots of revisions to designs due to the fact that I had most of the layout in a solid grid. Even though the now the finished product is usually unbalanced, chaotic, and lacking structure he is delighted. Is the customer always right?

AIO Lecture Week 1
Design School 3rd edition –pgs 17,18,19,140

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