Is Thumbnailing That helpful?

How does thumbnailing aid in your creation of a multiple page brochure? Does it actually make the process faster or does it slows down the process?

Thumbnailing is vital to the creative process when working on any project. While it does take time to think and develop multiple concepts for thumbnails, it is much better to sketch out some ideas and see how they will work, opposed to spending hours on a design and realizing it is not good and needs new direction. While having a concrete concept when starting a multi-page brochure does entice some to jump right in, exercising a thumbnail technique will expand the possibilities, and further develop the concept of the design. Creativity flourishes when working on quick, design sketches. Even if the thumbnailing exercise directs a designer toward their original concept, the process has not been in vain. The designer now has other creative elements floating in their head that will take this project to the next level.

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