Skull & Crossbones Transends the Ages...

A symbol that has transcended the ages is the skull and crossed bones symbol. The symbol has been traced back to the 1700s where the gates to Spanish cemeteries had human skulls and bones marking the entrance. Later in the 1800’s the symbol was used to mark poisonous substance containers. Next the scull and crossed bones symbol found it self on the “Jolly Rogers” Submarine flag. Today the symbol is still widely recognized and known for indicating danger or possible harm. It still is greatly associated with death and poison. The interesting thing about this symbol though with such a dark and gruesome reputation, it has found its way into fashion. Twenty years ago a teenager displaying a skull and crossbones on clothing would be considered taboo. Today, it is very common in our culture to find the skull and crossbones everywhere on clothing: shoes, shirts, pants and even belts. Although the skull and crossbones has made its way into the fashion world, it meaning has not changed.



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