Contrast is one of the best ways to draw visual attention. It’s the most basic situation picture a black square with a small white box or circle located on the right or left side. Your eye will be drawn to that white shape because of the great contrast. (See example box below).

At the same time excessive use of contrast across the composition will reduce the focal point. Color is also used in drawing ones eye to a focal point. Bright colors are known for drawing the eye quicker than darker colors. Of course, there is always an exception to the generalization when there is a dark area when everything else is bright.

The image of the bananas is a great example of focal point with contrast. Notice the obvious contrast of the yellow banana’s on the dark colored counter top. There is also a pattern in the counter where the bananas skin does not have a pattern. This image uses color, value, position, shape, and even texture to create a great focal point contrast.

AIO Lecture Week 2
Graphic Design Solutions pg. 53, 104-105

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