Powerful Graphic Symbol

Question: Find and submit a graphic symbol that communicates a more powerful message than the written language.

The powerful symbol if chose is The Trinity Knot. It is a symbol that has three interlocking eye shapes that all are intersecting. This symbol is most commonly recognized as the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). The complexity of trying to grasp the concept of the Trinity can be quite perplexing. This symbol accomplishes the complex idea that all three are separate, but also all three are one. This simple yet multifaceted symbol shows the unity of three persons in one Godhead.

I do agree, it is not a very universal symbol, but it is “a graphic symbol that communicates a more powerful message than written language”.

This symbol predates Christianity and appears to be a modified simplified version of a Celtic knot. While the Christian Church may view this symbol as Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the symbol is recognized for this trait of three in one. This symbol is also known for representing “mind, body, soul, as well as, in Celtic mythology – earth, sea, sky.” (3, See Source Below)

“Other three in one means for this symbol include:
* Spirit, Mind, Body
* Father, Son, Holy Ghost
* Mother, Father, Child
* Past, Present, Future
* Power, Intellect, Love
* Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
* Creation, Preservation, Destruction
* Thought, Feeling, Emotion
* Mother, Maiden, Crone
* Other world, Mortal world, Celestial world” (2, See Source Below)

In end, this symbol has been used for many different things. Even today this symbol is being used by the band P.O.D. and “represents One being in Three seperate, but equal parts.” (1, See Source Below)

To me what makes this symbol so powerful is not that the Christian Church uses it for the trinity, or that some claim it a satanic symbol of 666, or even that POD uses the symbol; what makes this symbol powerful to me, is that it is used by for its meaning by all these different, and in some cases controversial sources. One symbol that can be adopted by so many meanings is indeed a powerful symbol.




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