When Readability Is Not Important! WHAT!!!

Discuss, giving examples, some graphic communications for which "readability" might not be so important.

A. Company>Product>Web Address…
In this ad I found for Sweet Protection. My eye was drawn to the main elements of the contrasting red log, to the silhouette of the skier in an extreme jumping position, then to the bold white text “RAMBLER” above the helmet and finally to the web address in bold white text below. I see there is also text in between the Rambler and web address but it is very light and hard to read. I actually can’t make out a single word. In this case the important informing text are very visible and readable, but the “noise” text is washed into the design.

here is another ad for Sweet Protection I found.

B. Repetition:
Here is a layout that is using repetition of the word “Yes”. My eye visually went to the large “Yes” that is located on the upper right side of the page. At first glance I didn’t read all the other “Yes’s” but I knew they were saying the same thing even though they are in different fonts. Some are cropped off the page leaving only the top of the word or even just the “y”. We still know it stands for “Yes” because of the repetition.

C. Text for Graphic Assimilation.
Applying text with flash media. The text here is used as an element to create the leaves on the tree. Give it a minute; the text is layered making it in some places not readable. When it is done loading, DON”T FORGET TO CLICK ON THE RIGHT “DAY MODE” TAB. Very cool. I love the look of the light green text overlapping. The application is perfect for leaves. So inspiring!!! You have to go there!

AIO Lecture
Typographic Design Form and Communication

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