A Comprehensive & Concise Logo - Target

A perfect example of a comprehensive and concise symbol used in corporate branding is the Target logo. Target is very well known for their simple bull’s-eye symbol used to create the straightforward, but well recognized Target logo. On May 1, 1962, Target branded their company with a perfect identifying symbol that defiantly represents their name. Today the symbol has been seen as interchangeable with their name, “Target”. For example, some signage displays the bull’s-eye symbol or target instead of the name “Target”. This symbol is seen reproduced consistently throughout their store. From advertising, credit cards, signage, bags and even their shopping carts, the red bull’s-eye is widely recognized. Target has even placed their branding on a dog with the target symbol over his eye. The Target symbol is defiantly recognized with its consistency. The bull’s-eye symbol is consistently red in most application or white when placed on a red background.

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