Logo with "Spirit" or "Essence" - PUMA

Give an example of a well-known logo which you feel has expression. Describe the “spirit" or “essence” that is communicated in the logo and explain how it is communicated.

The Puma logo was first designed in 1948. It was created for a German company that produced mostly athletic shoes and some sportswear. The logo uses the flat shape of a cougar, mountain lion or panther leaping over the bold san serif text “PUMA”. This powerful creature is known for its activity both during the day and night. It is an accomplished hunter with the aptitude to jump extreme distances in a single leap. Incorporating the imagery of this animal into the branding was a powerful and sure way to insure the spirit product. Their dynamic logo is an excellent metaphor for athletes to adopt in their training and competition.

With the combination of both symbol and text in the logo, viewers have instant recognition. The Puma logo is most often seen in a black or white value, but with the simple flat shape the logo can be easily adjusted to adapt to any color scheme.

See Puma Logo:
Puma Logo

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