Imagery Is Key In Design

The use of complementary images, typefaces, colors, and papers plays an important role in the success of an artwork. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons to support your answer.

YES, YES, YES, I agree, how could anyone not agree? This week’s lecture reminded us of how important imagery is in our designs. And when talking about images it always said, “an image is worth a thousand words”.

The other details used in the design, typography, color, medium and paper work together to bring the creative idea alive. The elements give the piece personality, mood, tone and most important a message.

Letterform for example is extremely powerful in it’s ability to provide unconscious persuasion. From attracting attention, to setting the tone of a layout, the observer is emotionally and subconsciously impacted and gathers the feeling of the piece without even knowing it. Typography affects people and most of the time they don’t even consciously notice it. A script typeface can create the feel of a particular era or time period as well as, project a mood, elegance and sophistication.

Color is another element that can’t be overlooked. Color has so many conscious and subconscious effects on it’s observers. Color has so many different associations to different cultures due to its history and what the culture has used the it symbolically. Another great example of how powerful color was mentioned in the first week of reading with advancing verses receding color. Color also holds a critical role in visibility.

Finally medium and paper are equally important in a successful design. Does the final piece require the pressed polished look of a high gloss paper? Or is a rough 100 percent recycled cardstock more fitting? The paper and which medium the design is executed in is so critical. Can you imaging opening a brochure in a plastic surgeons office that was created on newsprint and crayon? Possibly in a pediatricians office… These elements to me also fall under another name I call craftsmanship.

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