Letterform VS. Graphic

Question: In your opinion, what is the graphic impact of letterform and symbol as against the graphic impact of photographic and illustrative image?

In my opinion photographic and illustrative images will always be a stronger communicator and have a greater impact. In referencing the coined phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” I am affirmed as this phrase explains that ideas and complex thoughts can easily be communicated in a single image, verses the amount of text required to communicate the same thought or idea. There is also the ongoing issue of the language barrier that photographs and illustrations transcend. At the same time, while an graphic image or photograph can be used in a very dynamic way to create great impact, the use of letterform can breath life into a design, or kill it instantly when misused or used poorly. Photographs and illustrations are very effective when they are used as the base and the appropriate use of text can enhance the photograph and illustration and actually take the impact to the next level. In many instances one would have no idea of what the design is trying to communicate without the use of letterform. In conclusion, my opinion is that photographic and illustrations have stronger graphic impact, but combine with letterform to in many cases fill in details, the best graphic impact in communication.

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