Positive and Negative Space

In the first design I use an air plain shape in repetition to create a design that moves the viewer from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. Using positive and negative contrast of positive negative not only creates tension, but also isolates the shape and really makes it quite visible in the design. I am able to utilize repetition and reveal the shape to create movement and unity. The positive negative contrast of the large black shape creates great balance of white space at the top and right side as the white shapes are similar in size and shape. A similar balance is also achieve at the left and bottom sides. I also used a “tail cloud” or line element coming from the back of the smaller airplanes to give the viewer more direction of where to begin. The line elements worked well to created interesting composition as they jump from positive to negative to be revealed in overlap of elements.


In the second designs I wanted to use the same shape but with a completely different concept. I wanted to show the chaos but still have a focal point. While there are two planes that move your eyes around the graphic the other elements bring you to the center. With the positive negative working together each shape is isolated to give it clarity even when sections of the shapes have been dropped out there is enough information to communicate.

Positive Negative Design - Airplane

Other info: I used illustrator to create this design and totally took advantage of the pathfinder tool.

AIO Lecture Week 2
Graphic Design Solutions, pg 59-60, 86

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