Unified Multi-Page Document - Great Theme BW3

Provide the link for a Web site that uses a theme for unification. Discuss the “message” that you feel the theme conveys and how that message plays into the overall communication objectives of the organization.

The Buffalo Wild Wings website is all about a good time. All of their marketing from the slogan tag “ You Have To Be Here” reiterates missing out on their party. From their party commercials with avoiding the boss.

The wave showing it’s a good time.

Buffalo Wild Wings strives to look like the place to be for a good time. Their website is no different. A cool thing they did as they were about creating these wild fun commercials to promote their business, they actually had people submit their own random videos as well. You can see them if you go to “BE HERE>FILM SCHOOL”.

When you get to www.buffalowildwings.com you are greeted with the sound of an cold glass of beer from the tap. Visually you see an island of fun and chaos. It is not a great example of structure, order or a grid. I believe this design pushes the slogan as it is just an all over good time , “You Have To Be Here”. It is a flash design that is very interactive once again pushing their brand or slogan “ You Have To Be Here”. There is a count down clock to the weekend or Thursday as that is where the fun starts at BW3’s. Other big items, at TV, football, games, beer and even a blimp promoting their wing night Tuesday. All of these elements are placed to communicate this place is a good time, “You Have To Be Here”!

There is one more item I would like to point out on this site and that is the box tab on the left, which allows a pop up window of a spread sheet, to “trick your boss” when you are surfing their site at work. Just another touch that says we are here for a good time “You Have To Be Here”! Of course the “Leave Work Early Kit” is another link I must mention with fake excuses, office sounds, fake jury duty and Dr.’s notes all to get you out of work because “You Have To Be Here”!

Their branding or logo is all over the page pushing repetition in the layout. Its most visible at the top center in-between all the links. Then you see it scattered about on the different items on the island. The colors used also reflect the Grill Bar. The bold Yellow and Black combination is scattered throughout each page with an accent of red here and there. They also use some brown tones, which I believe is to make the entire site easier on the eyes and a nice blending color with their yellow, which is a warm and happy color. Their site defiantly shows a theme of fun and unity with their other branding.

AIO Lecture Week 5

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